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We'll Fight the Big Boys

Bill Moran is a Georgetown Law graduate and Maryland attorney who doesn't shy away from a fight. Moran cut his teeth in law by securing a settlement from Newsweek in a major libel action over the most widely read and circulated news article of the 2016 election cycle. The young attorney battled against gifted lawyers in bringing the case towards an amicable settlement and restoring the dignity of his family name all before being admitted to the bar. 

Moran grew up in a courtroom watching his parents - Dorothy and Bill - battle against all odds in a personal injury case against their landlord and his cadre of lawyers. They won. You don't pick a fight with the Irish.

Free Consultation

Your consultation with our office is FREE. I personally promise to dedicate my time assessing the merits of your case.

No Recovery - No Fee

In contingency cases, if you don't win then you don't pay. If the case is successful, you pay a percentage of the recovery.

No Costs Up Front

In contingency cases, you pay nothing up front to pursue your claim.

Personal Attention

I know what it is like to be the Plaintiff in an action. I've been there. It can seem like you are fighting against the whole world and that you can't get anybody to give you the time of day. Don't worry - you can always reach me any time day or night. I believe firmly that facts win the case and the best thing any lawyer can do is to hear their client out. I won't just fight for you, I will fight with you and together we'll give 'em hell.

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